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Michael's Recovery

My Poor Liver

After my doctor told me that I wasn't going to see my 40th birthday unless I made some changes, I did start to make some major changes but mostly not the ones that he recommended.

I like some, was so sick and tired of being sick and tired. At that time I topped at a weight of 268, experienced gallstones, kidney stones, gout, digestive disorders, skin conditions (staphylococcus cystic boils) along with many other dis-eases (and depression of course). I was taking many harsh prescribed drugs to rid myself of symptoms, one after another after another but the drugs just didn't seem to help me feel better (inside or out).


Let me break it down for you.

(1) The first drug I was given was stomach acid blockers. These drugs were what then caused severe leg muscle cramps.  I didn't know then but I know now; originally these could only be taken for 14 days because of the harmful side effects-blocking calcium and minerals absorption now people eat them daily with pizza and beer to prevent heartburn), then because of the side effects from the first medication, (2) I was given a leg cramp medicine (chemically intent to dilates arteries) because of this intended drug chemical reaction I then developed severe headaches yet was told that this medication had nothing to do with me headaches (3) I was then put on a headache drug that also chemically sedates normal function of stomach muscles and carries a side effect of increased stomach acid. (4) This headache drug caused a bleeding ulcer in my stomach worse than previously. Keeping in mind that my first reason for visiting my doctor was to help with stomach ulcers. 

Because of all the side effects that are listed in the small print on literature on the script I read that the leg cramp drug I was prescribed was written that it increases your risk for causing a stroke and it also read that if you experience a headache to stop taking medication and seek emergency medical treatment immediately.


Then after all that and eventually, after years of drugs and being involved in the practice of one drug and chemical after another, It was finally discovered through a medical double biopsy diagnosis that a fatty liver was the cause of most if not all of my Symptoms.


Being a big skeptic of any natural remedy; at the time, especially anything claiming to be "natural cures" and anything involving "meridians", yet I sought out four different naturopathic doctors and holistic healers. Although I had not told any one of them what I had been medically diagnosed with;  yet each came up with the same assessment; that my liver and kidneys were tired, stressed, sluggish, insufficient and not working well enough. Well enough to keep me clean, healthy and symptom free. It was as if they had a secret meeting or had been reading my mail. It was this huge groundbreaking revelation or epiphany when I started to think outside the box. I chose one practitioner that I connected with best, followed the guidance and received my healing. The rest is history.


I quickly enrolled in college studies of Health Sciences of Natural Medicine. I stayed up on the latest and greatest research, started getting the experience needed and even up to today i'm still conducting research and observations as I continue learning through post-graduate seminar courses.


I also create dynamic nutrition lectures that connect with large or small personal target audiences to make the complex human health and healing understandable and practical.

I am excited to see positive life change, personal growth, and a true sense of what it means to have energy and enjoy life free from disease in those who truly seek healing in every area of their lives to love the life you live and live the life you love!  I hope to talk to you soon!


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