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I'm a traditional naturopathic holistic health and wellness provider, licensed in such capacity by the Professional Wellness Alliance.  The PWA has not state regulatory commission. The PWA is a private association. I do not prescribe drugs or medical treatments. Lic.# 378295792 and is required to provide certain disclosures to you and before providing services and to have on-file an agreement for services that provides clear and specific terms and conditions of the relationship. This Agreement below meets these requirements.


In this Agreement, Michael Marcel Turcotte is referred to as “Practitioner”, you are referred to as “Client”, the term “Party” refers to an indicated party to the Agreement, and the term “Parties” refers to Practitioner and you jointly.

Please read this Agreement carefully and indicate your acceptance of its terms by completing the PDF form CLICK HERE and returning signed via email.


Professional Wellness Alliance Membership Agreement

Who We Are: The Professional Wellness Alliance is a private member community of like-minded individuals that desire to participate, learn and share knowledge of self-care and holistic health concepts.

What We Do: The PWA community enables individuals and families (regular members) to come together with PWA licensed providers (provider members) in private membership. The PWA is structured as a private membership for the purpose of establishing rules of conduct, quality of services and peace of mind for all members.

Services Provided: Self-care and holistic health education and instruction.

Services Not Provided: The PWA mission is to enlighten and empower members. Providers therefore DO NOT; take responsibility for the health of any person or for the resolution of any symptom or condition nor provide any medical service or advice.

How Do I Enroll as A Member: You must enroll through a PWA licensed provider (via the link here)  and you must agree to be accountable to regular member rules as follows;

1. Agree that Provider Members (PWA Licensees) provide the services described above under “Services Provided” and that these are educational services not medical services.

2. Agree that all records of services you receive are available to you upon request as “private member educational records” and not medical records;

3. Agree that the Professional Wellness Alliance does it’s best to assure the integrity and competence of Provider Members (Licensees) and while Licensees represent the PWA mission, that they are independent educators that do not work for the PWA. Therefore, you agree to hold the PWA and affiliates harmless in all matters related to your association with PWA, affiliates or Provider Members;

4. Agree to make your best efforts to resolve any and all complaint you may have with another member with them personally and in the event you are unable to resolve satisfactorily, agree to settle any dispute  or complaint through binding arbitration through a mutually agreed arbitrator;

5. Agree that any and all content on the PWA website, newsletters, writings, affiliate links or otherwise are for educational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice.

Term and Cancellation: Membership in the PWA shall begin when you agree to the Membership Agreement and shall terminate with written notice from you to the PWA or from the PMA to you. The PWA reserves the right to deny or terminate membership of any member without cause. Termination shall not waive or relieve you of any obligations or agreements made while you were an enrolled member.

By placing your signature or agreeing to membership though the PWA on-line electronic system you accept membership and agree that this agreement is a “contract” binding you to follow the herein terms.

I understand that Michael Turcotte has different certifications in holistic health from various l non state accredited educational institutions . I understand he has twenty plus years experience , in excess of 2025 hours of training and has worked with about 2150 clients. 

I understand  that Michael  Turcotte  has taken numerous  seminars  in holistic healthcare  and the preparation  of teaching traditional naturopathy. 

Michael Turcotte  received  his  traditional naturopathic arts certification from many non-accredited institutions such as Clayton College of Natural Health, has over twenty years clinical experience and has taken classes with many leaders in the nutrition, homeopathic and holistic healthcare field. 

I understand that natural health care is not intended as diagnosis , prescription , treatment or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and is not a substitute for regular medical care. 

I understand  that the physical , mental and spiritual counseling  provided by Michael Turcotte is not part of any recognized religion, nor is it intended as the practice of clinical medical psychology. 

Holistic therapy is not a recognized treatment for any disease or condition. 

Michael Turcotte has certifications in the field of Traditional Naturopathy, but is not licensed in any state.

I request that Michael Turcotte to perform an evaluation , assessment , training education , therapy and set up a program or have sessions for the purpose of educating, reducing stress, enhancing health, improving my well-being. 

I understand that educator of Holistic Healthcare and Traditional Naturopathy is not intended as diagnosis , treatment , prescription or cure for any condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary , and that it is not a substitute for regular medical care.

Any information that that I am provided by Michael Turcotte is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care medical professional and is not intended as medical advice . Information is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Michael Turcotte and his membership community. 

Michael Turcotte encourages you to make your health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. 

Michael Turcotte is not a medical doctor. He does not treat or diagnose disease. He offers holistic support to people seeking an alternative from traditional medicine. 

Michael Turcotte is licensed with the Professional Wellness alliance and though he may or may not hold professional licenses from individual states in other jurisdictions or practice , he separated all other state jurisdictions and licenses from his services, website and this membership of educational services and traditional naturopathy.

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