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Westport's Best Kept Secret



Come on in, Take off your shoes, get comfortable and stay a while. Recieve the carefull attention that you need. Take a step back from all the frey, perhaps away from all the stress and just breathe.  We always want Westport WellNest to be what the name implies. A place rest and wellness. A place you can nestle in an call home. We have to admit that most people come to us because they were refered by a freind who simply found help with a condition. Everything has a solution but first ridding us of vision clouding stress and replacing with back to basics truths and natural solutions is the goal.


We have a simple yet deep approach that is complex but not too complicated nor is it shallow. We veiw the whole person the whole picture perfect root of total health and wellness. Usually non invasive drug free relief is found quickly. The proof is in the pudding, our patients- our protocols.  Listening on the part of the physician and the person is a tremendous part of healing. We look at any and all data related to our approch to support our investigation of your condition.


Biophysical Assessments


Bloodwork assessment (patient provided)


Natural Solutions for Conditions


Mindset -Body- Mind- Spirit


Medicinal Concentrated Nutritional Supplementation


Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (Meridians)


Body Work - Fascia - Nerve Energy channels (meridians)

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