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Cida Ries, Esthetician

As a holistic esthetician, I am truly dedicated to helping others with their wellness. I strive to live a healthy, positive, balanced life and encourage my clients to as well. Helping my clients stay healthy motivates me to use and offer 100% organic, non-toxic skin care products. To ensure optimal results, I incorporate state-of-the-art equipment for each facial. I have a wide selection of skin treatments to focus on every part of the face and body. Using combinations of massage, exfoliation, cleansing and hydration, my skin treatments need to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Many of my facials even take the extra leap to your back; hands and feet, moisturizing and gently massaging them while you relax. Unsure of which facial will work best for you? Book a Signature Facial and I may best assess and determine once your service begins. After a skin assessment and a few questions, I will be able to recommend and proceed with the best service for your needs. Allow me to explain my Signature Facial: I believe personally customizing a facial and providing a broad selection of options renders the most beneficial results. That’s why I offer a choice of several professional skin care lines with my Signature Facial. Sanitas Research uses a scientifically based method of effective exfoliation and skin resurfacing to address hydration, fine lines and wrinkles. The Sanitas, Ocean Plus and Uniquely Emu lines utilizes unique protein enzymes that stimulates cell metabolism to dramatically lift, tighten and firm. My facials are amazingly luxurious and extremely healing throughout each step of the cleansing, exfoliation, masquing and massage processes. I look forward to helping you look and stay young & beautiful!u.​

The WellNest Team 

Our team of clinicians are all like minded in a way that we all share an organic and holistic attitude. We all have a zeal for life and a true love for others. We care deeply about people and think of the center as an oasis of rest and answers for those who are hurting or suffering physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

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