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The Power of a Holistic Approach to Healing and to Life

A holistic approach to healing and to life is profound. It draws on some important scientific facts, that everything is energy and everything is connected. With this in mind, a holistic approach integrates the body, emotions, mind, and spirit to produce deep, lasting healing and a better life.

Definition of Holistic

A dictionary definition of holistic is “relating to or concerned with integrated wholes or complete systems rather than with analyzing or treatment of separate parts.”

Albert Einstein discovered what metaphysicians knew for thousands of years: space and time are connected in what he called the space-time continuum. Physicist David Bohm took a further step to describe the bigger picture by saying that everything is part of a continuum.

When we approach healing holistically, we connect the part to the whole; in fact, the part contains the whole. For example, there is DNA in each of our cells; every piece of a holographic film contains all the information to recall a whole memory.

With a holistic approach, the part is seen in reference to the whole. A person’s situation is understood in relation to the whole person, including their body, emotions, mind, and spirit. And the whole person is seen in relationship to the world in which he or she lives.

What Holistic Practitioners Do

Holistic practitioners use the holistic model – integrating the body, emotions, mind, and spirit – to support their clients in making powerful, lasting changes in their lives. Their work draws on the fact that any dysfunction related to a limiting belief, painful emotion, or physical ailment can be brought back into harmony with the whole.

With the emergence of the internet, many holistic practitioners can work with people anywhere in the world through internet video conferences, skype, and other media. This includes most of the holistic practitioners who are listed on this site.

With a desire to keep it clear and simple, holistic practitioners appreciate the holistic model for being free of dogma. Instead, a holistic approach draws on objective truths, so open-minded people from all walks of life can benefit.

Here’s how Michael Turcotte, describes his healing journey.

“There are no words for my gratitude for the gift of healing. I feel this is something we are all given but not all of us become aware of. I was blessed with divine intervention at a time when I was searching for something that I could do that would help me heal from liver failure. After my healing I set my intentions into truly listening and caring for other human beings, the healing that comes from God is a Holistic healing for your Body, Your Mind and your Spirit. For me it has been a humbling experience for which I will always be grateful. For me Holistic Healthcare is more than a “job.” It’s a mission that has the potential to transform the lives of all involved."

Holistic healing is a true blessing. In most cases, it is also non-invasive. From a medical perspective, this means it is free of introduction of instruments into the body.

A holistic approach is also free of prescription medications, which can have dangerous affects on the body. Medications can also have a negative effect on an individual’s emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Going beyond a traditional approach to healing, a holistic approach can transform people’s perspectives on who they are, along with their perceptions of what might be possible. It can help all of us to perceive ourselves in more expansive ways and create increasingly more healthy, joyful, exciting, and fulfilling lives.

A Holistic Lifestyle and Beyond

Many people interpret a holistic approach to refer to having a healthy lifestyle. Vibrant health and well-being are essential elements of success for anyone who wants to live fully and expand their possibilities.


The Holistic Approach to Living Healthier Longer:

Living your best life means you are not simply surviving, you are thriving. In other words, you can more than just exist. It means taking care of yourself, so you can be your best – not only serving yourself, but serving others.

Living your best aligns your body, emotions, mind, and spirit with the greater whole, for the good of you and all. In turn, you become a creator, not just survivor, which becomes your legacy to have an impact on the world.

Living healthier longer includes “lifestyle medicine” – a healthy diet, exercise, rest, etc. To live fully, you have to take care of yourself first. After all, the body is your vehicle and you won’t get very far on life’s journey if you run out of gas.

The Spirit of a Holistic Approach

From a spiritual perspective, understanding the way everything is connected also demonstrates how the entire journey to wholeness is built into us. Beyond lifestyle, we can witness our path to wholeness in the transformation of the mind, the heart, and the entire energy that permeates our being.

Every part of us – the body, emotions, mind, and experiences in life – provides pieces of the puzzle of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.

On the spiritual level, a biblical philosophical perspective, provides a beautiful picture  that we are created magnificent spiritual beings who are here to experience two births, love the living God, love others, live fully and grow.

Each of us have walked our own unique path and have collected many layers of beliefs, patterns, emotional trauma and experiences that have shaped and led us to where we are today.

For many, we’re tired of repeating the same cycles and re-living the same trauma and experiences, but we don’t always know how to step away from what we’ve always known and into a life of freedom and a life we love.

For me, it took truly hitting rock bottom before I began working with a holistic Naturopathic practitioner. This was not only the turning point for me – I believe the decision to work with a holistic practitioner saved my life.

Now decades later, I am a Healer specializing in Traditional Naturopathy,  condition recovery and dissolving trapped emotional traumas that stand in the way.


I also help my clients to dissolve the beliefs, patterns, and conditioning that keep people stuck in toxic cycles, so that they can move forward and create the lives they most want to live.

The good news is that creating a bright future is a tremendous gift that’s well worth pursuing. Simply focusing on the life the creator intended for you to "want to live" lifts your spirits and increases the capacity of both your mind and your heart. It connects the part you play to the whole of your existence.


You’ll also find that it reduces confusion, anxiety and stress. This even increases longevity.

Your Next Steps

If you want to explore this further, I have a free gift for you. Get your free e-book below!

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