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Genetic Weight Loss Program

The Program Includes:

  • In office DNA collection via a confidencial mouth/cheeck swab

  • Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 48 genetic markers

  • Online interactive GxSlim report, including:

  • Analysis of 16 genetic traits related to weight loss

  • Food recommendations, including macronutrient breakdown and caloric needs

  • Nutrient recommendations, including Whole Food supplement and Digestive Enzymes suggestions

  • Exercise recommendations, including cardio and strength training

  • Supporting scientific research

  • Printable PDF version of GxSlim report view sample report

  • Online health content (videos, articles, recipes, etc.) targeted to you based on your genetic profile

COST 339-

When you purchase both the Genetic Weight-loss and the Genetic Anit-Aging programs at the same time, we only have to perform one genetic test and can consult during the same visit, so you can save $200 by ordering both programs at the same time! There is very little overlap between the two programs, so to learn how to achieve a healthy weight AND look and feel better longer all based on your unique genetic predisposition, order both programs now for only $498.

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