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What Is Your Body Type and

Why do Body Types Matter?

In many Functional Medicine practices, body types are very important and in other practices body types are the fundamental building blocks for assessments, analysis, corrections, solutions and maintenance for optimal health.

Knowing your body type is the first most critical step you can take to get in control of your health today with little to no cost.

Once you understand yourself and your body type, you can guide your life towards to the activities, foods, supplements, digestive enzymes and solutions that make sense for you as an individual.

Your Body Type is as unique as you are, which is why we look at your individual body type profiles and not just your overall generic numbers.

Don’t settle for just knowing what number you are; you’re a multi-layered person with strengths and various holistic compositions in all the different aspects of your life.

Understanding yourself is key to your ability to handle stress, interact with others and develop a unprecedented harmony in your life.

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