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Michael's Past Health Condition

In his own words

I may be a holistic practitioner but I’m also a patient, a product of my own personal journey of struggling with a failing liver, a real success story. My own personal journey to find answers and find my own healing landed me where I am today.

Allow me to go back to where it all started. As a boy, one month shy of ninth birthday, I witnessed  my father killed by an accidental shotgun blast. There was always a question in my mind as to whether or not  my dad took his life intentionally or not which left this boy confused, hurt, angry, abandoned and insecure. My mother did the best she could to raise my siter nd brother and I but indeed we all suffered much emotional and spiritual distress which led to my own early age heavy substance abuse resulting in physical conditions.


I do thank God that by my mid twenties that Christ got a hold of me in a powerful way. I was spiritually rescued. But there was much work to be done with healing my shattered mind and suffering body AND mind. After stopping heavy drinking I started to experience / manifest physical and emotional  conditions.  A few years past and it was very evident that I was sick, fat and nearly dead.


My doctor after having treated me for years with drugs and invasive procedures, he once again reviewed my blood work and shocked me when he asked me "Do you want to see 40?" and added, "because you're not going to! Michael, you need to make some changes!" So I did start to make some major changes...the right ones, the healthy ones.

As a science guy, and I was a huge skeptic of natural medicine. Doctors know best right? So I stared researching biochemistry and drugs reactions, science and natural solutions and human cellular responses to natural medicine.  Eventually it was the  clinically concentrated herbs and nutrients that nourished,  balanced and healed my body; 


Now I love to empower other people to transform lives.  My motto is, Hugs no drugs. Dedicated to the whole food science and philosophies of men and woman like French hydrologist Professor Louis-Claude Vincent, Dr.DicQui Fuller, Dr. Royal Lee, Weston Price and other pioneers of health.


My main goal in life is to help you heal your whole self; physically, emotionally and spiritually while you live the life you love and love the life you live.


I can provide you with the latest scientific advice on natural solutions and how you can apply these remedies to overcome chronic conditions that you may be struggling with.

Drug free, natural solutions is the non invasive life I live not only as a practitioner but as a patient.

I'd love to talk to you today :)

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