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Liberty Medical Plan

Are You Ready To Take Charge Of Your Healthcare?

There are millions of individuals and families who lead healthy lives and go for years without seeing a doctor, except for periodic wellness checkups. Yet every year, they spend more money than necessary on healthcare simply for peace of mind.

If this is your situation . . .

We Have Exciting News

Thousands of health-conscious people are now taking advantage of a different approach for managing their healthcare and complying with the government mandate under Obamacare to purchase health insurance.

The specific program we’re referring to is called “medical cost sharing” by Liberty HealthShare. The Liberty Medical Cost Sharing program involves joining a rapidly growing community of health-conscious Americans who practice longstanding faith-based principles of sharing each other’s healthcare costs. This healthcare sharing program is not insurance. And it’s not an alternative to insurance. As noted, it’s a different approach altogether in paying for healthcare. In fact, by simply uniting health-conscious people who are willing to help each other, the Liberty program provides freedom from insurance and the common concerns related to it.

Get More Information

Liberty serves a community of people who value and prioritize their health and who share a desire to help others do the same. This bold approach to paying for healthcare emphasizes spiritual principles of wellness, health, and prevention. It puts you back in control of your healthcare and supports your commitment to healthy living.

If you are generally healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle, chances are high you’ll be accepted as a member.

Click here for additional information that explains in detail how medical cost sharing works and the benefits you can gain by joining the Liberty program.

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