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Functional Healthcare

An Immense Healthcare Need

Over 100 million people in the U.S., that’s half of the adult population, suffer from chronic illness, including autoimmune disease. There is an immense need for effective solutions to address this expanding epidemic.

Conventional medicine is just not providing the answers. As a consequence, there is huge public demand today for skilled healthcare practitioners offering natural means and protocols as an alternative to standard allopathic care.

But even with an immense healthcare need, a huge demand for services by skilled healthcare practitioners and a clear legal path for your practice, you still need to master the business development skills needed for long-term success.

Conventional and alternative healthcare providers offering natural protocols and services face a legal/regulatory nightmare. Conventional practitioners are unsure whether the integrative/alternative services provided are within the scope of their state licenses or accepted standard of care. And alternative healthcare providers, even in “health freedom” states, are never quite sure whether their services are “completely legal”.

Thank God an Association began years ago that would regulate. The Pastoral Medical Association licenses Doctors, Physicians and therapist within their scope of practice. The Association’s authority to regulate Pastoral Science & Medicine Care arises from the privilege and protection for such activity in the U.S. arises from the U.S. Constitution, which has been interpreted and upheld by Supreme Court precedence. Roe vs. Wade (my body my choice)

We believe it is our fundamental right of conscience to direct our own healthcare, in consultation with physicians, family or other valued advisors, free from government dictates, restraints and oversight. These philosophical religious beliefs form the moral, spiritual and ethical basis for our interaction and relationship as a community. We make a somber and significant pledge to one another that we will aid, support and devote our resources to one another in this most personal area of our life: our physical, emotional and spiritual healthcare.

The rights and responsibilities was given to the PMA Pastoral Medical Association to regulate the activities of its licensed ministers is guaranteed and protected.  The PMA is a nondenominational Christian Association.  However, we believe it is not a human right to decide who is divinely called to help others, therefore, the PMA license is available to individuals of all faiths who meet the standards they set. This Association conducts a vigorous background check and verifies all schools diplomas, certifications and training documents to assure validity; the association  issues a license and regulates membership to assure the highest possible standards by Licensees representing and delivering services and to promote the peaceful, ethical and safety of those receiving such services and the general public.

This is Where Functional Medicine Comes in

Fortunately, in the world of conventional medicine, increasing numbers of doctors and healthcare providers are being trained in a new approach to addressing chronic illness. The field of study is called “Functional Medicine”. 


Simply put Functional Medicine bases its treatment approach on a basic platform of the sciences of human biochemistry and physiology and it’s relation to genetics, nutrition and environmental influences and emotional state. A fundamental concept is that is often overlooked in main stream “conventional medicine”; to research the functioning of the body systems investigate certain core clinical imbalances (which underlie different diseases) that arise when environmental factors like diet, nutrients, oxygen H2O, exercise, trauma (mental, physical) and toxins  (drugs, personal hygiene chemicals, pesticides, household cleaning chemicals) and how each are processed by a person’s mind, body & spirit through genetic predispositions, attitudes and beliefs. With Functional Medicine, we treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has. Philosophies Page Here


Functional Medicine advocates shifting the focus of medical practice to a patient-centered approach, considering the whole person and dealing with the underlying cause of illness to allow the body to heal naturally; rather than just looking at and trying to suppress the symptoms of illness with various medications. With Functional Medicine, we treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has. 

Functional Medicine is being hailed by many practitioners as an evolution in the practice of conventional medicine, which addresses the health care needs of the 21st century.

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Pastoral Medical Association Definition of Care

Simply put, our bodies are designed by the Creator to be healthy. For this, all of our systems need to be operating in balance and harmony – everything needs to be functioning properly. However, things needed by the body to achieve balance and function at its best might be missing, or something might be standing in the way of its best functioning.  Ironically, Functional Medicine is actually fueling a movement towards what has long been recognized as natural or biblical-based medicine.

In this context, from a Pastoral Science and Medicine perspective, there is no need to diagnose and treat or attempt to identify and cure an illness or disease. And as noted clearly before, Functional Medicine and Pastoral licensed practitioners do not practice medicine or prescribe medications. In contrast, the focus is simply on addressing deficiencies and/or malfunctions, restoring balance and improving function through entirely natural means appropriate to your particular situation, and allowing your body to heal itself.

Since Functional Medicine practitioners focus on how the various systems in your body are functioning and correcting deficiencies and/or imbalances that may be prohibiting optimal functioning; the guidance you receive from us can be referred to generally as Functional Healthcare. With Functional Medicine, we treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has. Philosophies Page Here

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Is Functional Healthcare Right for Me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you under a lot of stress at work or at home?

  • Do you often feel tired for no apparent reason?

  • Due to family history, do you believe you at a higher risk for diseases such as: heart disease, diabetes, cancer or arthritis?

  • Is losing weight difficult, while gaining weight seems unavoidable?

  • Do you often eat or crave foods like pasta, chips, and sweets?

  • Do you have trouble remembering things or concentrating?

  • Do you wake up tired and wishing you could go back to bed?

  • Have you taken tests only to be told “Everything’s OK,” but you still feel lousy?

  • Are you taking supplements, but feel they’re not working?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely your health can be substantially improved by making adjustments to your lifestyle choices.

Your body can repair itself if supplied with the right materials and environment, and provided you are willing to spend the time necessary to make the repairs. With the right roadmap, it is possible to get back on the road to vibrant health!

After all, doesn’t it make sense to regain your health and prevent future illness, instead of spending your time, money and heartache trying to suppress the symptoms of disease with expensive medications but without getting well?

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What is Functional

Medicine -Healthcare

There is growing recognition today that pharmaceutical drugs are simply not the solution for the hundreds of millions of people suffering from chronic health conditions, including autoimmune diseases where the body’s innate immune system mistakenly attacks healthy organs and tissue.


Functional Medicine is Influenced by Four Factors

For a Diagnosis and prescription Drug “quick fix” you must see your Conventional Medical Doctor. If you are being medically treated or you are under a Conventional doctor’s care then we might be a great addition for you.  If you want to investigate a relationship focused on holistic, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, Functional Medicine may be right for you.  Whether you are local in Houston or Boston or Connecticut or far away (out of state or country), click HERE to get more information.


*It is important to note that Functional Medicine and or Pastoral Science Medicine is not the same as the practice of conventional medicine or prescription drug medicine. 

Michael Turcotte is not an Medical Doctor.  He will not prescribe medications. 

He will evaluate your health from a natural functioning perspective.

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