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Welcome to Holistic Health

We believe the body was made to heal itself and under the right conditions, can do so more efficiently and elegantly than any temporary fix. No matter what you’re suffering with, our aim is to empower and educate at every step, enabling you to heal. Experience Austin's newest holistic health professional.

Our Mission ➝

A transformative healthcare experience

So much about conventional healthcare is disempowering for patients suffering from chronic or severe health issues that hold them back from living a full life. Here, healing is possible. It’s about people, not diseases. We don’t treat you like a collection of symptoms or numbers on a page. We get to know you to paint a complete picture of your health and chart your path to healing.

The Approach ➝

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Wild Path

Where your journey to optimal health starts

While healing isn’t always easy, I believe the strategy to heal should always be simple — which guides our evaluation process and health program design. I work with you to educate you and together we craft an individualized 90-day treatment program designed to fundamentally change the way you feel and open the door to a healthier, fuller life.

Your Treatment Plan ➝

Committed to your healing

Personalized attention: I will join in your commitment to craft the life you want to live. Everything I do is with the goal of brining my vast experience in partnering with you and the the holistic healthcare community by marrying modern technology and understanding with traditional evaluation techniques and therapeutics options in order to best help you as a client.

Meet Michael ➝

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Bringing Holistic to Texas and coast to coast

Though I was born and raised in the Boston area, I began helping educate and service people on an individual basis, first from the city to the suburbs and  lectures and dynamic training workshops.  By joining the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) and now the Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) I'm able to provide even more resources to current clients and open the doors to even more prospective people in need of healing.

Contact Us ➝

Partner with the largest network of holistic providers and members -The Professional Wellness Alliance  

In order to provide you with the best services possible, Michael is licensed under the Pastoral Medical Association and now the Professional Wellness Alliance. This organization licenses tens of thousands of alternative practitioners around the world to allow you to get the holistic care that you need with transparency within a private relationship.

Learn More ➝

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