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Traditional Holistic Naturopathic Practitioners have a vast experience with physical exams, utilize laboratory testing and films, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, allergy/food sensitivity testing,  exams, and utilizing other diagnostic tests provided.  Clinically trained in the application of a wide variety of natural therapeutics. We will research your specific condition(s) then together come up with a plan to combine and adapt these treatments to your individual needs  based on a cogent philosophy that treats the whole person, addressing the underlying causes of your condition. This ensures that you are an active participant in making your own personal health care decisions. Holistic Natural Healthcare is effective with most health problems, both acute and chronic. Some of these sessions and therapies*  are listed here. Learn more click here --->

balance blood

Advanced Clinical Nutrition: is a cornerstone of Traditional Naturopathy, advanced clinical nutrition is the practice of using whole food complexes as they naturally occur in nature raw natural state to maintain health, to prevent sickness, and help conditions. Wonderful when combined with applied kinesiology, body typing, food sensitivity testing, and genetic testing.


Botanical Medicine:

Also known as herbal medicine, botanical medicine is the use of plants as medicine. Many plant substances are powerful, safe, and effective medicines when used properly. 87% of prescription drugs are made from medicinal herbs, but these products contain only synthetic ingredients and are regulated by the FDA. Herbal supplements contain entire medicinal plant parts. 

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A powerful 200 years old system that uses highly diluted natural substances to alleviate conditions with a motive that “like cures like”  brings on symptoms the system of the body - in a very small dose - treat an illness with similar symptoms. This is meant to trigger the body’s natural defenses. Example: diluted strands of poison ivy are shown to help with itching and dermal inflamation but with no side effects. Learn more click here--->

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Physical Medicine:

Physical medicine includes naturopathic manipulation of the muscles, bones and spine. Application of hot and cold, gentle electrical impulse, therapeutic ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and exercise therapy are also used.

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Psychologist Session

Emotional Therapy: Your body is a memory bank of all your experiences and are stored inside the cells of your body.  Different techniques are used decompress stressors and cell memory and helps correct the imbalanced thought patterns and able to bring forward memories that are at the root of current physical and emotional challenges, patterns of negative behavior and feelings of depression, unhappiness etc…

The results are incredibly felt immediately.

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