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Faith Based Counseling (FBC)

Faith Based Counseling (FBC) is always at no charge to clients. We don't want to cheapen this service, we just believe that the person and precepts of God should never be charged for. That freely we received and freely we should give.


FBC focuses on the care of the whole person – mental, physical and spiritual – while maintaining ecclesiastical values. The aim of FBC is to help people regain or maintain a sense of hope for their lives founded upon their own spiritual values.

Life’s challenges can cause us to wonder how the problems we face each day fit into God’s plan for our future. You may struggle at times to put your beliefs into practice as you tackle everyday difficulties. In those times of trouble, you don’t have to travel alone.

We understand your desire to make God a focus of in your life as you confront your problems and seek the right solutions. We offer faith-based counseling grounded on Biblical principles, allowing you to find answers that embrace your Christian faith. Traditional mental health counselors may not share your religious values, and your church family may not always be available to help.

This practice is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide Pastoral Health & Wellness services to our clients.

People who seek FBC are searching for answers relating to life’s challenges and/or looking for meaning and value in their lives, and open to having their lives transformed and supported in a positive way by learning, acknowledging and adhering to scriptural principles.

Here at the clinic we are Christians and educated and trained as a faith based counselors by the means of life experiences and ecclesiastic theological class attendance. We are also affiliated with a large network  of  experienced  counselors and clinicians committed to promoting the holistic (spiritual, emotional, and physical) growth and development. We serve people who may at risk of: depression, divorce, fear and anger issues, loss of self control; history of drug distribution or substance abuse; serious emotional, abuse or acting-out; or have learning disabilities and/or are developmentally delayed.

Simply stated, our goal is to promote lifelong health and well-being. To these ends, the most fundamental purpose and inherent part of our mission is to utilize fundamental ecclesiastical safe and natural health principles and practices; use biblically-sound spiritually based services and or advice offered professionally and ethically; share our life experience and God's principals.

If you are considering Faith Based Counseling, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I believe in God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit?

  • Do I want to discuss my problems with someone who shares my faith in God?

  • Am I willing to hear other perspectives of God outside of what I've been taught?

  • Do my friends suggest solutions that are contrary to my morals and religious beliefs?

  • Have I found that secular therapists base their counseling methods on different values than my own?

  • Am I seeking answers that stress Christian beliefs instead of worldly wisdom?

  • Have I found that my pastor or church elders do not have the resources or the training to help me with the issues I'mfacing?

  • Do I avoid talking to my church community about my problems because I fear that I will be criticized or judged?

  • Do I want to learn how to incorporate my faith into my relationships at home and on the job?

  • Do I need just a little redirection or just a faith check?

God can soothe your pain, relieve your anxiety and comfort you in your distress. He can lead you to joy and peace. As a Christian, you know these things are true, and yet it can sometimes be hard to find your way. If you're not a believer in Christ or don't know these things to be true then there is always hope. God is always close by. Modern society often doesn’t support the values and beliefs that can be essential to living a healthy spiritual and emotional life. A faith-based therapist can be the answer you are looking for.

God doesn’t promise us a life without difficulties, however He promises to never leave us or forsake us. With the help of Faith Based Counseling, you can learn to handle your problems while focusing on God’s purpose for your life. You can find the answers you need in a safe setting.

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