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What is the Systems Survey?  Why should I fill out all these questions? 

What can I expect to get from this process? 

These are questions any patient would ask when handed this form. 

The answers to these questions follow.                 

Your responses to the array of questions on this form are designed to allow you to voice your perceptions of your symptoms, discover where they may be coming from and then address your health concerns. The best part is that it is FREE!

The symptoms are grouped in such a way to elicit foundational or root causes of what’s happening within the functions of your body systems such as liver, kidney, sugar , cardio and digestive rather than focus on individual symptoms.  The data you provide through your answers will be tallied by a computer program and then translated into an understandable format.  The intent is to help balance your body’s chemistry through functional healthcare support. 

Once you fill out this questionnaire, you will then receive a report of findings that will provide you with a list and schedule of supplements that were selected based upon your responses to the questions.  The report also includes a list and explanation of body systems (i.e. liver, digestive, cardio, etc), listed in order of importance that need nutritional, enzymes and herbal support to help balance your body’s chemistry and function.

After receiving your results I will partner with you providing personalized functional healthcare advice mainly providing scientific information regarding specific whole food nutrition, enzymes, herbs and homeopathy providing you with the what natural products are needed  to help balance your body chemistry.   

As you work with me for supplements, diet, and other functional health practices, you will note a gradual, progressive sense of increasing vitality and sense of well being, though there may certainly be nagging issues.  That is why we recommend filling out the Systems Survey periodically to help fine tune and guide the nutritional support your body needs for ongoing balance and health.  Achieving good health is not a destination, but rather a journey and you will have support all along the way.

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