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Tired of being sick and tired? Or just not feeling right, not too horrible but just a little off? Or maybe you are dealing with a long-standing, life altering condition that no one seems to be able to help, let alone define?  Physically or emotionally stressed, whatever it is you know that it has been changing the very quality of your life

If you're willing to get busy feeling better, I'm your resource. Getting well is a commitment, an investment that cost time, energy, effort and yes money. But aren’t you worth living your best? I specialize in prevention, but I'm also great at helping to find a natural solution to your discomfort or condition, whether vague or severe. I don't treat Dis-eases, I help people heal from conditions."


The proof is in the Pudding. If you are interested in getting better and staying well. Or if you are just  interested in becoming physically and emotionally more youthful and vigorous, come visit. I'd Love to hear from you.



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Michael is a Certified Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Medicine & Neuroscience, Michael has the privilege of helping educate people to get to the root cause of specific health challenges.  Michael is certified in holistic healthcare provider and privately licensed by the Professional Wellness Alliance as an educator of holistic Healthcare and Traditional Naturopathy. Michael is NOT a medical professional or medical doctor and therefore Michael CANNOT and DOES NOT  advise on the use of drugs. There is no Texas state licensing for Naturopathic Doctors and Michael doesn't and longer hold any state or public  licensing board license in any other venue. 

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