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HydraFacial MD™  

HydraFacial™ is the latest Hollywood Buzz and  It works. This technology is turning a new page on non-invasive skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. Improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin tone with no surgery, no injections, no discomfort and no downtime. A wide array of clinically developed skin solutions and specialty treatment vials can be used in your HydraFacial™ treatment. Ask us how we can customize the HydraFacial™ to your specific skin conditions and needs.

Results can be seen immediately 

You will experience visible skin refinement, a decrease in acne breakouts, a reduction in active acne cysts, diminished oiliness, and a radiant skin tone after just one Hydrafacial treatment.  These immediate results can last approximately one to three weeks.  For longer term results, Dr. Karamanoukian recommends a series of three to six Hydrafacial treatments at one to two week intervals.  These treatments will improve fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, acne breakouts, and large pores.  To maintain your results, we also recommend a Hydrafacial treatment at least once to twice per month thereafter.

Incorperated Additions


A multi-peptide solution designed to relax expression lines of the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. There are two types of peptide groups in the ingredients. One peptide group mimics Botox by blocking the neutransmitter Acetylcholine from activating the nerve junction, therefore reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines caused by muscle contractions in facial expression, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. The other peptide group stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin where fine lines and wrinkles from at the Epidermal-Derma Junction. The results are enhanced skin elasteticity, texture and firmness. Simply amazing results that last.

NO RED Skin Recovery 

Treatment is designed for all skin types. Even the most sensitive skin easily tolerates the HydraFacial™ treatment. Your physician or skincare professional may choose specific treatment serums and/or customize the treatment for your unique skin conditions and needs. Consult our skincare clinician for a skin evaluation and sensitivity test.p

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Diomond Microdermabrasion​™​​

In this technique, a diamond crystal microtip is used to mechanically exfoliate the skin and remove direct impurities from closed pores.  This treatment is ideal for oily skin and for patients who are acne prone.  At times, a more aggressive diamond dermabrasion may be combined with the Hydrafacial to smoothe out acne scars. It is more precise than other methods and yet very soothing for sensitive and reactive skin types.

Red or Blue LED light treatment. Red light-fine lines and hyper pigmentation, Blue light- oily or acne prone areas, kills bacteria. 


A modern form of vacuum therapy, and the incredible results that this simple treatment produces have truly impressed those who experience its subtle power. By creating suction and vacuum pressure, ACE Massage Cupping™  is used to soften tight muscles and tone attachments, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, bring hydration and blood flow to body tissues, move deep inflammation to the skin surface for release, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​​​ 

HydraFacial™ MD Services & Fees

Dermal resurfacing MD $160- 90min (once a month recommended)

New Client Assessment Fee $35- 15 minute

LED light therapy $35- 15minute

Dermal Builder Serum (or other serum) $35-15minute

Lymphatic cupping lift $35-15minute

Diamond Smooth Resurfacing $65- 20 minute

Follow Up Protocol $95- 45 minute “in-between visit” 

(follow ups for the newer client intended to accelerate and establish dermis anti-ageing)

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