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Understanding The Lymphatic System

The most underrated circulatory system in the human body is our lymphatic system. Most health practitioners never consider the critical role lymph plays in preventing sickness or the critical role it plays in keeping us healthy!

The lymph system is a vital circulatory system and the body’s primary immune defense and waste eliminator. It is critical to manage the elimination of toxins from our body. It contains over six hundred collection sites called lymph nodes and has a network of collecting vessels, making it even more extensive than our venous system.

Our lymphatic system is primarily responsible for carrying disease fighting material to cells attacked by germs, transporting the dead germs away, and supplying the protein rich plasma back to the heart. When the system is blocked, it becomes defenseless against attacks by virus,fungus, and bacteria.

Medical research explains the lymphatic system as the primary system

As the result germs grow, our blood loses needed protein,the immune system falters, and infection marches in.

Many chronic disease problems occur at the junction of the lymph vessels call lymph nodes. One can feel lymph nodes by pressing under the arms just below the collarbone or in the crease between the thigh and pelvic area.

When touching these areas many people feel small lumps and bumps and sometimes pain. The bumps and pain are symptomatic of blocked lymph nodes. Blocked lymph nodes indicate a breakdown in the mechanical functioning of the lymphatic system.

Lymph Node Blockages
When a lymph node is hard or 'sore,' it is engaged in the warfare of trying to remove toxins or debris from the lymphatic channel so that it can return to its regular job of transporting oxygen, nutrition, or waste to their proper sites. But it can only do its job when it isn't blocked. The Light Beam Generator shows positive results in its contribution to safely remove blockages so that the nodes are no longer painful. It is important to remember that we are dealing with noncancerous issues here. A qualified conventional medical physician should only treat Cancer. But how much healthier will your immune system be when it is able to function as normally as possible?"


A Solution

The issue of lymphatic flow has been studied for many years with in depth clinical research resulting in very efficient manual methods for restoring the lymph system. Manual lymphatic drainage techniques in conjunction with a noninvasive technology called the light beam generator (LBG) along with ozone affect a swift, safe, and natural method of eliminating excess lymphatic fluid.

The LBG assists the body to achieve a free-flow of proteins within the lymphatic system and to release bonded protein blockages in the interstitial of the connective tissue. The LBG is a noninvasive technology and uses extremely low current and negatively charged light photons, providing compatible frequencies to the blocked area.

This results in cells correcting their out of balance condition and disassociating themselves from the binding agents responsible for swelling and blockage. These bonding agents are electrical in nature either holding them together or keeping them apart. This process is called electrical bonding or electrical folding in the biochemical medical field.

Rapid movement of waste material within the cell then occurs, greatly increasing the delivery of the waste material to the organs responsible for the body waste disposal. With waste material moving within the body day to day factors like eating, body structure, nutrition, medication, and mental health can be addressed and be a successful formula for health.


Common-conditions that can receive relief from the use of the light beam generator

Issues associated with a weak lymphatic system: such as those seeking notable relief from swelling, inflammation, edema, pain, especially when it involves soft tissue area, sciatica, breast conditions, fibrocystic breasts, PMS and inflammation, intestinal syndromes, diabetes, arthritis, bursitis, and other conditions where inflammation is present. Of course, where there is bruising and swelling both pre-op and post-op the light beam generator can be of great help.

Contraindications i.e. Do Not Use:

You are pregnant or lactating or
You have a pacemaker, transplanted organ, arrhythmia, or epilepsy or
You are taking blood-thinning medication.

Frequently Asked Question:
How often can I use the Light Beam Generator?

The Light Beam Generator can be used once per week to start, depending on symptoms. Since the LBG breaks down congestion and mobilizes the toxins, it is important to give the body the time it needs to eliminate the waste. Ask us what is best for your situation.

Set Up and Usage:

Generally best used lying down in a comfortable position.

The main points for lymphatic flow in the upper body are at the clavicle region and the sternum (middle collarbone) and in the axillary (under the armpits) along with the neck and jawline.

In the lower body, the points are the crease in the leg, near the groin. These areas are targeted to break up blockages and improve lymph drainage. Then other areas can be targeted for special effects.

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Understanding Fat 

Lymph, Lazer, Infared and Light Click Here

As we involuntarily surround ourselves with today’s toxic elements in our air, food and water, the cells in our lymphatic system clump together and become unbalanced and overburdened, potentially leading to an overburdened toxic load.


The lymphatic system is the drainage system for everything the cells don’t use and destroys pathogens.  The Light Beam Generator  support tool used in our clinic as a method for maintaining wellness, assists in restoring the natural polarity of our electromagnetic signature through electrophoresis with a light beam for an optimal health-protecting response.

The LBG helps the body in the following ways:

  • Aids in properly restoring lymphatic drainage

  • Helps with removal of unnatural additives in our food and dying/mutated cells (detoxification)

  • Assists in balancing our electromagnetic fields

  • Circulates proteins (about 50% of plasma protein is taken through the lymphatic system and then passed back into the bloodstream)

  • Absorbs lipids and fat-soluble materials from the digestive tract

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