Our Services are only Natural Solutions. We are Drug-Less Practitioners. We include centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in the study of natural health and human systems, covering all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care. With an emphasis on Advanced Nutrition, Herbal Remedies and Bodywork Therapies, these are all part of the Natural Solutions that are incorperated and involved in the assessment and in the treatment of people with conditions. We do not treat disease. We help people with natural solutions for conditions. No one here will ever advise on Prescription Drugs. Natural therapies are generally considered quite gentle and include dietary and lifestyle modifications, Botanical herbal medicine, Supplementation, Essential oils, Counseling, Myofascial Therapy or Visceral Manipulation. As Holistic practitioners, We really pay much attention not just to your physical symptoms, but you as a whole-person wellness; the natural solution is not treating the disease or symptom but rather it is tailored to you as a whole and emphasizes preventative self-care; everything that contribute to your life: mental factors, emotional distress, life stress, spiritual balance, fears and phobias and your medical history or data. Natural solutions provide the nourishment and the encouragment of the powerful innate ability for the body to correct and for the person to heal. Natural solutions do not treat diseases with drugs or chemicals. Unfortunately and sadly, Natural medicine is more widely used and recognized in other countries. Enjoy your health.


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Michael is a Certified Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Medicine & Neuroscience, Michael has the privilege of helping educate people to get to the root cause of specific health challenges.  Michael is certified in holistic healthcare provider and privately licensed by the Professional Wellness Alliance as an educator of holistic Healthcare and Traditional Naturopathy. Michael is NOT a medical professional or medical doctor and therefore Michael CANNOT and DOES NOT  advise on the use of drugs. There is no Texas state licensing for Naturopathic Doctors and Michael doesn't and longer hold any state or public  licensing board license in any other venue. 

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