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Advanced Genetic Testing

We offer Chromosome Testing for Gene Mutations (identifying current and predisposed diseases such as cancer) includes the ever SO important MTHFR Test (Methylation). Additional testing offered; Functionality Test and Food Sensitivity or heavy metal hair follicle test . Our Comprehensive reports contain Gene Correlations.

Advanced Functional Nutrition & Herbs

 By using food as your medicine, you can positively influence your cells, prevent and treat illness, and have a huge impact on how you feel. In a patient-centered approach to healing, we will assess your lifestyle, genetic make-up, and both your internal and external environments, and then create an individualized plan that restores and maintains your optimal health. Click here to learn more

Kinesiology Nutritional Testing 

Applied Kinesiology is a system for evaluating or assessing where the functioning body and the thinking mind can be suffering from in balances and dysfunction.  But in addition to being a great tool, it is also a way to assess and balance the muscle tissues and organs of the body that may be imbalanced-dysfunctioning and or distressed.   Applied Kinesiology is looking at the tripod representing the 3 pillars of health:  the structural, the chemical, and the emotional components. And since it is looking at all 3 of these components, AK is considered a functional holistic approach to looking at a person’s overall health and balance. Click Here to Learn More

Structural Body Work

Enhance your structural, physical, mental and spiritual health with structual therapy. Feel confident in the privacy, safety and effectiveness of our therapy; a personalized program where your body begins to improve by re-balancing posture and functions in a direction away from imbalances and dysfunctional conditions.

Click here to learn more

New Decision Therapy™ (NDT) utilizes Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine precisely which trauma memories are stored in the body’s cells. This emotional, mental health therapeutic is used to release negative patterns of behavior and discover and release emotional traumas that have been compromising your immune system, NDT is the treatment for you. It is quick, and very effective. We simply ask the body to reveal what the soul needs in order to heal.

The keys to NDT’s speed and effectiveness are:

The denial clearing process

We generally go into a state of denial because of three main reasons:

1. The unconscious mind cannot process the information of the trauma experience.

2. The trauma that occurred was so large that the body goes into a state of shock and overwhelm.

3. The trauma event occurred in a pre-verbal time of one’s life.

Energy Therapy

Enhance your personal energy development that involves working with your body in a form involving  energy medicine techniques.

Click here to learn more

Energy pathways

Biochemical Body Typing

In many functional nutritional and  Functional Medicine practices, body types are very important and in other practices body types are the fundamental building blocks for assessments, analysis, corrections, solutions and maintenance for optimal health.  We believe that knowing your body type is the first most critical step you can take to get in control of your health today with little to no cost.  Click Here to Learn More

Nutritional Sensitivities Testing 

Identify what foods may be causing more inflammation and causing health issues using Pinner Test. This test will end the "WAR" between unhealthy foods and your immune system.

Click Here to Learn More

Darkfield Microscopy Live Cells

 Do you have healthy, thriving, powerful blood? Finding out could mean the difference between living a healthy energetic lifestyle and not feeling as healthy as you could. By monitoring the ideal condition of your blood as it is seen in darkfield microscopy, we can assist in "balancing" the blood by giving appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes.  You can positively influence your cells, prevent and treat illness, and have a huge impact on how you feel. Live Cell Microscopy given by a health professional is for educational and research purposes only and is not intended to be a medical diagnosis.  Click Here to Learn More 

& Click Here to Learn Even More 

Balancing Blood Chemistry (Naturally)

One of the best ways to prevent disease is to make sure you and your family members have comprehensive laboratory profiles completed annually. Getting tested puts your health in your hands.  Prevention and early detection of problems are a vital part of every person’s your health maintenance program. Blood test information is then integrated into information developed from physical assessments, symptom histories, urinalysis, hair mineral analysis, comprehensive methods and digestive analysis and other data criteria available.

Click here to learn more

Detoxification Cleansing Kits


Unfortunately today, our food supply, air and water are permeated with thousands of toxins that can affect health in profound ways. By lowering your toxic burden, many chronic health situations can be improved. We customize detoxification programs for many of our clients using a combination of natural cleanses, elimination diets, special foods and nutritional supplements and herbs to achieve better health. Click her to learn more

Ozone Sauna Therapy (off site location)


Ozone Sauna Therapy is the process of removing harmful toxins from the body while cleansing and refreshing it as well. Through the course of the steam sauna session, heat is circulated throughout the Sauna System, and sweat produced from the sauna feature removes harmful elements from the body. While this is happening, the Ozone is being processed through the sauna cabinet and into the body via absorption properties of the lymphatic system, allowing all anti-viral and  anti-microbial oxygen benefits to come into effect. Click her to learn more

Weight Loss

Loosing Fat not Muscle is key. But crash or starvation diets are useless and especially harmful since about 50 percent of the weight you lose is lean muscle.

Your muscles produce enzymes that burn fat. So it follows that when you have less muscle, you are producing fewer enzymes and you are reducing your “calorie burning engine”. In addition, when you are hungry for a long period of time, your body’s defenses against “starvation” begin to kick in.

In other words, in order to protect yourself from wasting away, your body will naturally slow down the metabolism in response to having less food, thus making it even more difficult to burn calories and shed body fat.

Click here to learn more

Infrared and  Light Therapies

The most underrated circulatory system in the human body is our lymphatic system. Most health practitioners never consider the critical role lymph plays in preventing sickness or the critical role it plays in keeping us healthy. The warmth we feel from the sun is from the infrared region of the light spectrum. In fact, our bodies emit infrared rays. Infrared and light spectrum technology has many health-promoting uses including detoxification, pain relief and weight loss. By introducing Lymphatic therapies such as; Inducing Sweating, Lymph Drainage techniques and Infrared Saunas help you safely excrete toxins much quicker and at lower temperatures than conventional saunas. Click Here to Learn More


Genetic Nutrition Specific Program 

  Your genetic data is analyzed, and we generate your personalized reports based on well-established scientific and medical research.  Three programs are offered.

Advanced Nutrition, Anti-Aging & Weight loss. Click Here to Learn More

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