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Struggling with Digestive Issues, Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance or Weight-Related Issues?

The U.S. Center for Disease Control now estimates that about half the U.S. population is now pre-diabetic, insulin resistant, obese or actually diabetic.

Why are so many Americans becoming Type 2 Diabetics? What is causing this?

And why is that most people fail when trying to address health problems relating to these conditions?

Functional Imbalances May Be the Problem

There are a number of reasons for the health crisis we’re facing, but for many it has to do with imbalances in how our bodies are functioning.

Among other chronic illnesses, functional imbalances can cause unhealthy fat-like substances to build up in your blood or tissue (lipids), insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar leading to diabetes.

Diabetes Is a “Silent Killer”

Diabetes is often referred to as the “Silent Killer” because, if you’re pre-diabetic or even have full onset diabetes, you can be feeling well and not have any symptoms and still be a victim of this challenging disease.

But There Is Good News

First, we can now quickly help you evaluate your overall functional health, without expensive and time-consuming functional lab testing.

And, second, if you’re having functional health problems, we have a proven program to help you restore healthy balance so your body can heal naturally.

The program is calledSystems Survey Maestro®.” The easy first step involves a special symptoms questionnaire.

Begin by Learning Your Body Systems Score

The first thing to do is complete our online Systems Survey Maestro® Questionnaire to obtain your Free Functional Health Report.

Systems Survey Maestro® is like your FICO credit rating, but instead it rates how well your body is functioning. This may provide insight as to why you are having digestive, weight loss, blood sugar, insulin or diabetes issues.

Looking at 8 functional health areas/conditions, your overall Functional Health will be scored on a scale of 20 to 1000, based on how many conditions are rated as mild, moderate or severe. A specially trained PMA licensed healthcare practitioner will help you evaluate your score and answer whatever questions you have.

Systems Survey Maestro® has been designed using custom algorithms based on years of clinical experience to carefully evaluate your individual nutritional needs.  We are able to analyze both your body Systems Symptom Survey and a Blood Panel simultaneously included with the same evaluation cost.  This greatly enhances the efficacy of the recommended supplements and prioritizes your support needs.

It was designed and tested by experts in Whole-Food Nutrition and Herbal Medicine; stress-tested in actual clinic use, and loaded with additional support information to assist you to more accurately evaluate your needs.

We are encouraging all PMA subscribers who are struggling with blood sugar or insulin issues to complete the online Systems Survey Maestro® Questionnaire.

Special Limited-Time Offer, Save 65%
Your Systems Survey Maestro® Score and Consultation, Only $79.95

PMA has made special arrangements for you to obtain –

That’s a total value to you of $225.00 for just $79.95 – over 65% savings.

But you must act now to take advantage of the $145 savings. This is a limited special offer and may be withdrawn at any time.

Order Now!

By submitting the request form via email, you will access our consultation services. All clients must sign an agreement for services disclosure here and submit it along with a copy of your survey.

After making your purchase, you will receive an email with an “access code” to use at the Systems Survey Maestro® website to access the online Systems Survey Maestro® Questionnaire.


After you have completed the online Questionnaire, you will be referred to Michael Turcotte a certified practitioner for your personal private phone consultation.

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