Listen to what others are saying.


“When I first saw Michael Turcotte, I was expecting a gifted massage therapist, but not someone who would cure what a neurologist and an orthopedist together could not: an issue for which hand surgery had been recommended. Michael is deeply knowledgeable about the complicated systems of the body, and perhaps just as important, deeply interested in always learning more, connecting the dots, perfecting his already masterful technique. He is the most important part of my well being program.”


                                                                  ~ Dalma Heyn, best selling author, therapist



“I can’t say enough about how Michael has helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. It was such great comfort in knowing that such a compassionate and knowledgeable person was in my corner. I’m able to say with confidence that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Michael”


                                                                   ~John Courtney Jr., CEO


"Michael is a compassionate, knowledgeable, my main Drug-less go to guy. He helpes me and my family with all my nutritional, Herbal and nerve-muscle-pain needs."


                                                                   ~ Jenny S. Briggs, CEO



"He will surprise you with natural solutions that really work to help you heal."


                                                                  ~Lauran C. Macarthy, RN




"Michael teaches and encourages a life of prevention while providing you with the best resources for recovery."

                                                                  ~R. Lynch D.O.


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