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The Turcotte Neuromuscular Technique is a is a concise, hands-on, whole-body correction and balancing system of restructuring. It is best described as a fascial manipulation used to release and unwind the body into its original and optimal design of energy pathways (organ meridians nerve energy channels)  that are opened up thus releasing the body's innate ability to heal as when originally created.  It utilizes careful analysis of the body's patterns of balance to determine the precise areas of the body needing to be unlocked and released. This unlocking allows the connective tissues including the fascia and the meningeal system (Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves) to release their residual tensions and move the bony structures and organs incrementally back towards the body's original design.


The “Turcotte Technique” is tailored to encourage quick healing and affect your total well-being. Having a unique understanding of the sources of pain and stress and getting to the “root” of the problem is always my number one priority. I use many modalities such as Deep Tissue, Fascia Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and Lymphatic Body Contouring. I also use a patient education program called the “Visible Body” so I am able to show exactly which structures are involved with a visual of your muscles, nerves and fascia.


Whether your goal is to heal quick from chronic or acute injury of simply to relieve muscle aches and pains, or reduce emotional stress; to function more proficiently or just to relax; or to detoxify your body and clarify your thinking, you’ll find even a single session with me will help you feel better, look better, and enjoy your life more fully!


Read what Patients are saying:

“When I first saw Michael Turcotte, I was expecting a gifted therapist, but not someone who would cure what a neurologist and an orthopedist together could not: an issue for which hand surgery had been recommended.  Michael is deeply knowledgeable about the complicated systems of the body, and perhaps just as important, deeply interested in always learning more, connecting the dots, perfecting his already masterful technique.  He is the most important part of my well being program.”


                                                                                      ~ Dalma Heyn, best selling author, therapist


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