Weight Loss and Purification

Losing Fat, Not Muscle, is the Key

Crash or starvation diets and fads are useless and especially harmful since about 50 percent of the weight you lose is lean muscle.

Your muscles produce enzymes that burn fat. So it follows that when you have less muscle, you are producing fewer enzymes and you are reducing your “calorie burning engine”. In addition, when you are hungry for a long period of time, your body’s defenses against “starvation” begin to kick in.

The great news is now you can use the Standard Process Purification Program that supports the whole body’s natural toxin-metabolism processes. Our clients who have finished the purification program found relief from weight and conditions as they've never experienced before!

In other words, in order to protect yourself from wasting away, your body will naturally slow down the metabolism in response to having less food, thus making it even more difficult to burn calories and shed body fat.

Starvation Diets are Not the Answer but our Whole Food Concentrated Purification and Weight Loss program is! Click here to begin

In contrast, to be effective, a weight loss system must allow you to:

  • Eat Real Organic Foods and Whole Food Meal Replacements Shakes & Bars

  • Feel GREAT with NO Hunger & NO Cravings

  • Have GREAT Energy, Sleep & Mental State

  • Lose INCHES as You Lose FAT Not Muscle Mass

  • Learn Correct Food Habits to Avoid Unhealthy Ones

  • Correct Functional Imbalances to Maintain Success

Only System Survey® - is a great place to start addresses the critical weight-loss issues with its unique score of a Wellness Range assessment;  a proven and time-test program for losing weight naturally, safely and effectively, while correcting functional imbalances you may have. Click here to begin System Survey®

Offered only by specially trained System Survey® clinicians, the program is designed to help you:

  • Lose Abdominal Fat

  • Learn Correct Food Habits

  • Lose Fat NOT Muscle Mass

  • Correct Unhealthy Imbalances

  • Feel GREAT – Achieve Goals

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