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If you've already been seen by a conventional medicine doctor yet still experiencing symptoms that impede your quality of daily life, then perhaps it's time to take a broader, deeper comprehensive look. Let's try to get to the root of the matter.  Symptoms may include fatigue, mood imbalance, difficulty with sleep, sore muscles, swollen joints, or digestion conditions such as bloat, gas and acid.  We will do so by analyzing how your live biological environment picture relates to your body systems and the level of health challenges experienced by you, any needs and/or deficiencies or imbalances relating to your condition can be easily identified.

​INCLUDES:  90 Minute Functional Medicine Consultation, Live Blood Analysis, Urine and Saliva Terrain Assessment and Meridian Organ Check then a specific tailor-made plan is then prescribed using food, herbs, homeopathic, and digestive enzymes as the functional medicine to restore your body to a healthy condition by removing the excess loads on your biochemistry and revitalizing your life.



Following a 12-hour fast, your blood is then examined immediately under a very high powered microscope and the results captured on camera, enabling you to view your live blood – still interacting and moving around – on a high resolution video screen.  This is part of our research in biological terrain assessment – is fundamentally the analysis of living blood cells that have a direct impact on your present and future health and vitality. Seeing the differences while monitoring your improvements and changes is very eye opening.  Researching your Live Cells enables us to see your blood exactly as it behaves inside your body, giving a clear picture of your environment at a cellular level.  We are not looking for patterns that lead to a ‘diagnosis’ in any shape or form, but are merely researching. Looking for imbalances in the terrain-environment your blood and then revisiting to see improvements along the way.

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Biological Terrain involves a 12-hour fast then an in office, in-depth non-conventional, functional internal study of specific urine and saliva parameters that show the condition of the interstitial environment of tissues and cells. This is done using computerized instruments. We closely monitor this cellular environment in order to gather important research information about your health and the vital role that a healthy biological terrain environment plays in establishing and supporting immune vitality. Seeing the differences while monitoring your improvements and changes is very eye opening.


You will simply rub the sterile cotton swab along your gums for one minute, we pack the sample up and send it to federally certified lab who will analyze your sample and within 3-4 weeks, will send you the genetic mutations health report. This is a once in a lifetime test because your DNS never changes yet your expressions are constantly changing daily for better or for worse. Because we know this. Functional Genetic medicine management programs are created in three areas of lifestyle: Weight Management (GxSlim), Healthy Aging (GxRenew), and Peak Performance (GxPerform). Our programs provide the most optimal patient experience on the market. Based on the latest science in nutrigenomics and exercise physiology genetic research. A huge advantage in tackling your health condition when combined with biological terrain assessment (BTA) Seeing the differences improvements in your health is very eye opening.

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A unique testing technique based on acupuncture points located on the surface of the body. The testing is non-invasive. These points relate to systems, organs, and glands and help to determine nutritional requirements based on Synergistic Whole Food Concentrates and Herbal medicine phytosynergists. Protocols are designed to support all metabolic functions. These designed protocols are unique for each individual. Reflexes are retested and progress can be monitored utilizing an organ pulsing technique. The differences you will experience while monitoring improvements and changes is very eye opening.

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Neuromuscular Therapy enhances the function of joints, muscles and body in general. It improves healing by facilitating the return of appropriate core muscle function and digestive visceral manipulation effects the organs of the body. techniques, such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, acupressure and other soft tissue modalities are used to correct functions and posture; scientific effects on bio-mechanical dysfunctions and emotional well-being; in turn, helps reestablish and support healthy cellular functioning. Usually relief is felt almost immediately and seeing differences and improvements can be very eye opening.

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With proper diet, exercise, nutrition and hormonal balances, men can maintain excellent health through their entire lives.  Frequently the need for hormones support/replacement for both men and women comes into the picture.  But if your physician is doing testosterone replacement without appropriate functional balancing of the rest of your metabolic systems, or testing of your hormonal metabolites, or ensuring that your gut and detoxification pathways are running smoothly, you may well be putting yourself at increased risk. You have found the Functional medicine practice to guide you through the safest, most physiological and most economical way to stay on his path of vigor, clarity and drive.

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Our philosophy in healthcare for women is one of education, participation and choice. Our goal is to go above and beyond traditional medical models and provide a safe haven that supports you, as a woman, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, wherever you may be in your cycle of life; we'll use a personalized method for getting to the root of your symptoms and restoring balance and health. This includes in depth nutritional advice, vitamin supplements, hormone balance, toxin exposures, and lifestyle choices for optimal wellness. Integrates traditional and alternative methods.

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A functional medicine approach looks at the whole child. Conventional and non-conventional test to check allergies, food sensitivities, immune function, gut function, toxic burden, and neurotransmitter function. A care plan is made that allows your child to thrive. Not just be free from illness, but thrive. Development can explode, new language may drop in abruptly, learning may flourish, and your child can begin functioning in ways you never thought possible. Once the brain is freed from inflammation and toxicity, and nutrients flush cells that have lacked them for months or years, big shifts happen. This is functional medicine – it makes you function at your best.

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