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Evaluation Exam & Consultation - Initial Visit - $275

This visit usually takes  3 hours. This is a thorough and comprehensive visit.  At the end of the information gathering (in or out of office testing), together we will come up with an individualized therapeutic plan for your unique physical, mental, and emotional makeup.

Follow up consultation visit- $75

Return visits are usually every 2-12 weeks

Bodywork and Massage Therapy - 60/90/120/180min | $120/170/210/275

Sessions are one to three hours. 

Return visits are as needed or desired. 


Emotion Therapy - $120

Sessions are one hour. 

Return visits are usually only needed occasionally 

Package of 10.5 hours of services of your choosing - $995  = $265 in savings

Receive an individualized initial visit, physical holistic evaluation, consultation with suggested therapeutic remedy with follow up appointments over a 3 to 10 month period. This is a unique combination of these powerful tools. 

Lypossage™ Package of 18 session $1800

Performed in a series of  18-sessions that lasts approximately 30 minutes per zone - over the course of 4-8 weeks. (2-4 treatment sessions per week.)  Treatment sessions are based on zones.

Webinars and Classes and Information Blogs - Free for members

Ongoing classes and series on current topics. Call for details  

Payment plans are available upon request.


HSA's are usually accepted. Insurance does not cover my services. 

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