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Maybe you feel pretty good or perhaps not a hundred percent but you know something is "off".

Or maybe you've been dealing with a condition for some time and the doctors and drugs just to seem to be helping? Maybe its time to let me help you?


Yes we all should consider regular visits and annual blood-work and lab tests accordingly. Yet it's vital that we understand that when conventional medicine and natural medicine and testing are combined with  the results are miraculous. Chemicals create chemical reactions and herbal medicine creates whole body responses.

Holistic Medicine Modalities (HMM) like functional herbal medicine, advances nutritional concentrates, pH balancing, lymphatic detoxification, organ flushing, advanced homeopathy and massage bodywork are some of the most results driven ancient medical modalities in the world.


My goal is to address the whole person (you) not a disease; to help your body recover from a specific condition and focus to prevent a wide-range of illness by regulating the root cause of imbalances.


Your goal(s) should be to recover from either severe or mild condition; to relieve pain, improve activity motion & functional organ performance, improve mood/energy/sleep, ease and regulate digestion, relieve allergies, improve circulation, support healthy & happy hormones, speed up recovery, relieve allergies, get rid of bloating or inflammations, boost immunity, and most importantly improve overall stamina, health and happiness.  

Modern research shows proven results that functional holistic medicine. I like to say its like a three legged stool; all three legs must be even otherwise you fall over. I call it the tripod or Triangle of health. This is why i don't have a "one size fits all" or a "cookie cutter approach"



This is the only way effective way to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and recover from illness. When you find a gifted healer to work with you understand just what all this means; to expose the root cause. Not just treat the symptom and "Band Aid" it. 

I will take take the time to listen to you,  listening to your histories, and evaluating and determining what personal, environmental, and lifestyle factors are affecting your immediate and long-term health. I do not have a "one size fits all" approach. Please visit my services page HERE.


I will educate you, guide you and team up with you. Our main goal must be resolving the underlying cause of your complaint, rather than just taking surface efforts to suppress the symptoms interfering with your full enjoyment of life.


Once we decide what's most important to you then we come up with a "plan".

Regardless of what area we approach first; Structural  or Biochemical or Emotional, each of your sessions we will seek to identify your primary imbalances (the ones that are causing other imbalances downstream), check their progression, and a individualized strategy of  a  physical modality, nutrient/herbal/homeopathy or Emotional Freedom techniques will be recommended to target and improve the function of your specific system(s) or glands.


While holistic medicine measures are gentle, when they applied correctly and consistently they can be felt almost immediately and yield the most miraculous results.


My vast journey has taught me what is possible through seeing the "Triangle of Health", and still daily it teaches me more.

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