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We recognize that dispensing Nutraceuticals efficiently is vital to balancing the health of our clients. For this reason, we have established an affiliate relationship with the Fullscript, a natural product fulfillment site. This is a one stop shopping online platform that helps you order suggest protocols and professional-grade supplements directly from the company to your door, without the need for physically visiting a vitamin store and or visiting many different websites and setting up different accounts and different payments.


We also use two other professional lines that do not support third part sales. For this reason, we have established an affiliate relationship with  Standard Process Patient Direct Program click here  and Transformation Enzymes Patient Fulfillment click here programs, two great revolutionary dispensing platforms that allows you to easily purchase professional personalized nutritional supplement programs directly from the farms/labs to your door.


You now have access that combines the convenience of ordering from an online pharmacy for accessing 450+ Clinically Potent vitamin, mineral concentrates and digestive Enzymes that have been tailored to your specific condition. All seamlessly direct from the lab to your door.


Through our direct ship dispensary systems, you can create your own accounts that are always stocked with hundreds of professional-grade natural health products from two of the world's top brands.


And, best of all, it's fast, fresh and free!

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