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Our Research Lab


We a have an onsite Biology Research Lab in our clinic where we complete live blood and urine and saliva analysis.  But it's not your typical blood work that is preformed on aged, spun, heated or chemically treated body fluids. Our goal is to research, analyze and veiw biological fluids live, in real time; including blood sugar levels and Genetics; primarily looking at things from a much different perspective. And for good reason.

Other benefits of live cell analysis include:

  • Researching, analyzing and monitoring  biological environmental signs of potential upcoming health challenges.

  • Alerting to the advisability of medical referral

  • Monitoring a specific condition seen in the analysis before and after any health regimes (seeing is believing)

  • Determining the effectiveness of various therapies.


In addition to the live blood test, we also perform dry blood analysis using the Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test (MOST). A drop of your blood is placed on a slide and allowed to clot for 30 seconds. Abnormal, non-ideal conditions can be easily identified in the way the blood Clots.


In addition we will test blood sugar levels providing immediate results or readings along with what is considered normal on a 12-hour fast.

What happens after my screening?

By researching and analyzing how your live biological environment picture relates to the level of health challenges experienced by you, any needs and/or deficiencies relating to your nutrition can be easily identified. A specific tailor-made healthy eating plan is then prescribed using food and digestive enzymes as the functional medicine to restore your body to a healthy condition by removing the excess loads on your biochemistry and revitalizing your life.


We perceive there to be "one condition, many factors” which is caused by the "major imbalances" within the tissues of your body due to inverted ways of living, eating, digesting and thinking. This is the "holistic" approach of Body - Mind - Spirit.  We do not recognize or diagnose disease – merely clean, fortify and create a healthy biological environment.


We can, however, see typical markers for the potential for particular conditions. After all, a person does not wake up one morning suddenly suffering from swollen joints, sour stomach, blood sugar conditions, Cancer, etc. Disease appears as stress in the blood years before manifesting as symptoms in the body. Through its ability to detect the potential for life altering conditions very early on, live cell analysis is therefore in many opinions is the ultimate revelation in functional preventative medicine available today.


Feeling is believing (Vitality, Energy and Full of Life)

This could be called having a spark or a zest for life; waking up feeling refreshed, energized and positive about life.

This is directly linked to your internal and external environments so as your internall environment changes your external expression changes. Our claim to fame is the way you will feel. This is why I have had tremendous success.


What should I expect?

At very least you should expect to feel a lot better. At very most you may find that your condition went away all together by experiencing a sooner than later feeling of relaxation, rehabilitation, general well-being, increased energy or weight loss and control. These are just some of the most popular aims and outcomes of our clients.  All found within comprehensive functional medicine.



Your health is entirely your responsibility because you are what you eat, drink and think. These simple blood tests allow you to take responsibility for – and control of – your own health by changing your nutrition and lifestyle in order to prevent disease.

Take the first step today by booking an appointment for a healthier happier you!

BTA Test -12 Hour Fasting Guidelines

  • Fast for 12 hours prior to your test.  Complete your dinner the evening prior to the test no later than 5:00- 6:00 PM.

  • Avoid scheduling your test within 24 hours of airplane travel.

  • Women:  Also avoid scheduling your test during your menstrual period and the first week following it.

  • After dinner, brush your teeth and refrain from eating or drinking anything until after your test.  This includes chewing gum, throat lozenges and candy.

  • Take any prescribed medications as directed with only a small amount of water.

  • Refrain from using any toothpaste, mouthwashes or mouth rinses both at bedtime and the morning of your test.  Also avoid the use of any lipstick or make-up around your mouth and lips.  Such substances can change the chemistry of the mouth and the saliva.

  • If you wear dentures of orthodontic appliances, refrain from wearing these during the 12-hour fasting period until after your saliva specimen has been obtained.  Denture adhesives, plastics and metals can change the chemistry of the saliva.

  • Refrain from sexual activity during your fasting period.  This can cause false elevated readings in your urine values.

  • On the morning of your test, obtain a sample of your first-morning urine in specimen specific collection cup. Try to obtain a mid-stream specimen (urinate a small amount first, then obtain the remaining urine in your specimen cup).  If you did not receive your specimen container, thoroughly wash a glass jar & lid with hot water.  Avoid the use of harsh soap or bleach as these can create residues that can alter your urine results.  Urine can be collected at 4:00 AM or later. Blood and saliva specimens will be collected at the time of your appointment.

  • Your test results will be discussed with you during a separately scheduled consultation period.

Figure 1. Live blood analysis microphotograph of blood sample taken from the fingertip of a normal healthy adult.

Figure 2. Microphotograph of freshly drawn peripheral blood from an adult with medically diagnosed cancer.

Live Blood Analysis

(Through a Microscope)

Ideal Blood Picture                       Imbalanced Blood Picture

What is Live Cell Analysis?

Live blood (cells) analysis (LBA) – Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) is a Non-Conventional way of researching, veiwing and monitoring the environment of your blood, Urine and Saliva– traditionally and fundamentally this analysis of living blood under an extremely powerful microscope connected to a camera along with Quantitative Fluid Analysis (QFA) and it's specific measurements certain parameters in the urine and Saliva; this is a accurate way to assess and address and re-monitor your internal biological environment (terrain) while you get healthier or recovering from a condition. 

QFA: Following a 12-hour fast, small amounts of urine, saliva and blood are collected. These fluids are injected into the flow cell chamber of special equipment, where they contact sensitive electrodes that pick up the transfer of information to be digitally analyzed. Reports are processed, and the interpretations of the results are reviewed in a follow up visit. With this valuable information, more in-depth treatment options can be explored and implemented to support healthy cellular functioning.

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