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How Conditions Start

The absence of symptoms is not the evidence of picture perfect health. Dis-ease and isn't something that begins the day you started noticing symptoms.  The process began long before with changes deep within.  There is a root cause to physical dysfunctions. Unfortunately we start being unhealthy long before anything may ever appear on a lab test. That’s where the old saying comes from "A pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why no matter how small the change it's worth "looking" into. The symptom is like a warning dash light in your car, signaling to let you know something isn't functioning correctly warning us of a potential hazard and needed repair and or attention. Now imagine your driving your car late at night after a long trip and one of the warning lights go off. So you pull into a gas station and ask for a repair man. After explaining your problem he tells you that he's got just the right fix then takes his wire cutters out and begins cutting the wires from behind the dashboard! Could you imagine such a scene?!? Especially when he cuts the right wire and the light goes out? We this is very much the way many of us approach our health our symptoms. Just looking for a quick fix. and we are off and running again. The problem with this is eventually our machine breaks down and perhaps indefinitely or at very least if it's not too late than a more considerable amount of damage has been done by ignoring the signs.

When a warning light flashes on the car dashboard, most people usually take the car to the shop. But when warning lights flash on their body, most people may not notice or or perhaps don't do anything about it. Or if they do, they are looking for a quick fix or just to get rid of the symptom. Getting rid of a symptom and ignoring the root cause is like disconnecting the warning light on your cars dashboard without checking the engine. The problem is still there and eventually may cause damage and harm you.


Your health is up to you. You must learn and understand the significance of signs or symptoms so you can follow the clues to a solution. Because symptoms are not “root” causes, and finding the core issue is the key to resolving symptoms, illness and dis-ease. Becoming aware of your symptoms and how they developed is what it means to become well. The absence of symptoms doesn’t mean you are healthy.


This is one of the reasons I don't work alone. We must be partners in your health. No one person has all the answers. We all need to take part, get educated and take charge in finding a natural solution for your condition. Finding healing, health and wellness is a journey that you must be willing to spend your time, your energy and yes even your money to get well. 


My practice blends centuries-old knowledge of natural, nontoxic therapies with current science based advances in the understanding of health and human systems.

My core fundamental beliefs include the encouragement of the body’s inherent healing abilities, natural treatment of the whole person, personal responsibility for one’s health, and education of patients in health-promoting lifestyles. “Vis medicatrix naturae”, or the healing power of nature or the innate power of any living organism to adapt and heal itself.



How did we get here? Don't ignore the signs. Take action now.

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